Two More Businesses Carry our "Check for Bikes" Clings!

A "Check for Bikes" cling in the upper windshield

A “Check for Bikes” cling in the upper windshield

Over the past few weeks two more businesses have asked to carry AS&R’s “Check for Bikes” clings, designed to remind drivers to look twice and look again for cyclists on the road before opening their door or making any turns.
Jason Alabanza at Mechanics Bank and Charlie Prins at Prins Chiropractic each bought 100 of Albany Strollers & Rollers’ “Check for Bikes” clings to distribute to their customers and patients. Thanks to Jason, Charlie and to the other local businesses who show a clear connection to their communities and care about the safety of cyclists: Dana Meyer Auto Care,  Blue Heron Bikes, Wheels of Justice Albany,  Marie Bowser AcupunctureWhole Health Apothecary, Ivy Room, T324, Albany YMCASt. Alban’s Episcopal Church and Church by the Side of the Road.The original AS&R "Check for Bikes" cling

Be sure to stop in, thank them and pick up some clings when you walk or ride by!
We truly appreciate those local businesses and organizations who support cyclist safety and awareness!
Go to or contact Amy Smolens with any questions or ideas.


3 comments to Two More Businesses Carry our “Check for Bikes” Clings!

  • Amy Smolens

    One more bike-friendly business to report:
    While on the Solano Avenue Art Walk I spoke to Lesley Warren, owner of Salon 1757. Not too long ago she was knocked off her bike by a car and hasn’t been back on the bike since. I pulled out the clings, explained concepts, and she immediately bought a stack for her customers.
    We talked about the separated bike routes in the East Bay which she would be comfortable riding on. She expressed a desire to get back on the bike soon!
    Thanks for your support of safe cycling and safe driving, Lesley and Salon 1757!

  • This is exactly what I was looking for, i really love bikes. Thank you for posting this article

  • Amy Smolens

    You’re very welcome. Do you live in Albany, Berkeley or EC? Go to any of these businesses and ask them for a few “Check for Bikes” clings. It’s important for them to see how many customers are cyclist. Please pass them on to motorists who may not be as aware of cyclists as we would all hope.
    Please visit to read more about the clings.
    We are happy to work with businesses to make our area more bike-friendly. Have you seen the Bike Bike Racks around town?

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