Mid-Solano Complete Street Update

As of the last GREENways sent on March 19th, the Traffic and Safety Commission had voted unanimously for the complete alternative supported by AS&R to be included in the Mid-Solano Complete Streets Plan. This design has wider sidewalks, an uphill cycletrack or parking protected cycling lane, parallel car parking on the north side for safer cycling downhill, and maintains the current car parking inventory.

The next night the Climate Action Committee unanimously rejected the primary design put forward by the consultant to widen the sidewalks a bit and add more car parking, even though Albany’s own parking study adopted by the Council in 2017 recommends against doing so. The Committee also unanimously voted in favor of the design supported by AS&R. This was all particularly good news because this Committee was not even planned to consider the Mid-Solano plan as of late February, which was exceedingly odd given that the majority of Albany’s greenhouse pollution results from transportation.

As a result of the Climate Action Committee’s vote, the prospective schedule to have the Council adopt the consultant’s plan on April 15th has completely fallen apart. Staff first relayed that the Council’s consideration would be delayed until its second May meeting. Late last week staff updated this relaying that over the next two weeks staff and the consultant would be developing a new schedule including a public process around the AS&R-supported alternative. This suggests the Plan will not go to Council until June at the earliest and most likely later than that.

Meanwhile, enjoy the graph below showing the results of one study regarding how much people spend locally by different transportation mode. This graph contributed to the Economic Development Committee continuing consideration of the mid-Solano Plan to date uncertain to allow itself more time for study when faced with the question of more car parking or possibly more business revenue by dedicated space to other modes.


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