Ohlone Greenway Reconfiguration


Scheduled to happen in fall of 2011.

This project is intended to fill a specific set of user needs.  It is based on the following data:

  • Realignment of existing bicycle and pedestrian paths to best accommodate cyclists, pedestrians and other human-powered transit alternatives.  BART has committed to replace any area disrupted during the late winter/early spring of 2011-12.  The city of Albany has hired Gates & Associates to develop a proposal, which the City has also approved. Negotiations are underway with BART. At a 2008 Traffic & Safety Commission meeting, the City requested that AS&R take the lead on identifying appropriate lane measurements and markings (similar to those on the Bay Trail).
  • Landscaping considerations
  • Bulbouts
  • Access to Greenway along Masonic at Garfield Avenue (there is currently no access)
  • Bikelane along Masonic; parking along Masonic (west-side only?  back-in??); it has also been brought up that simply repaving Masonic would greatly enhance safety for cyclists who choose to use the street rather than the existing bicycle path in the Greenway, due to high incidence of pedestrians causing obstructions on the bike path by favoring it over the existing pedestrian path.
  • Suggestion has been made that the city focus on improving the existing pedestrian path and develop better signage, maintenance and education to encourage pedestrians to use the pedestrian path.  Some suggestions along this line were made in my December 2007 submittal to City staff and to the Traffic Planner, with a request to have the document forwarded to the Traffic and Safety commission.
  • Lighting has recently been improved under the BART tracks.  How will the retrofit affect the lighting?



This project should have the following impact on our community:

  • Improved safety, decreased confusion on bike & ped paths
  • Improved relationships and respect between bike & ped users on paths
  • Improved signage on roadways intersecting Greenway, creating better awareness of motorists crossing Greenway and therefore, increased safety for cyclists and pedestrians


  • Sherie Reineman
  • Ken McCroskey
  • Amy Smolens


  • Kickoff: 2007
  • Further Input: T&S mtg, ???
  • City Negotiations w/ BART:
  • Retrofit Start: Fall 2011
  • Reconfiguration/restoration begins: ???
  • Completion: ??
  • Celebration: When it’s done!


  • AS&R recommendations to Gates/City staff (Preston)
  • Recommendations to Parks & Rec Commission (Nick)
  • Approval of Parks & Rec recommendations to City (Nick)
  • City Negotiations w/ BART; AS&R followup w/ T&S (Sherie, Preston, Nick, Amy)
  • Post Negotiation Watchdogging: Path realignment, signage, lighting, landscaping (Preston, Sherie, Amy)
  • Plan Party (all!!)

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