Free Front Lights Courtesy of Safeway Again in 2011!!

Thanks to Safeway’s generous donation to again underwrite 500 front lights, we are now able to offer free front lights, MSRP value $39.99. For every light that we give away, an Albany school kid will get one free.

We distributed 125 of these front lights at the Arts & Green Festival and 125 at the Solano Stroll.

At 2010 & 2011 International Bike & Walk to School Days, AS&R volunteers and school parents installed 500 front lights, courtesy of Safeway, and 310 rear lights. This was a fantastic payoff to a great program!

Help us give more kids lights by buying some for yourself or as gifts! A copy of an article we wrote appears in the AS&R Documents page and on our International Bike & Walk to School Day page:WT-November.pdf . Help kids and adults ride more safely and light up the Albany night!

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