"Bike Bike Racks" are on their way to Albany!!

You may know that Albany Strollers & Rollers ordered 6 of these attractive and useful “Bike Bike Racks,” which are being partially funded by our organization and partially by the 7 businesses who wanted to be more bike-friendly. I just got word that they are on their way to us…as I track the delivery, they are currently in Utah so will be delivered to the City on Thursday, July 5th. Hopefully the City will install them asap so we can begin using them right away.
The businesses that have ordered  them are Gathering Tribes, K2TOG, Daniel Winkler & Associates, T324, Innate Chiropractic and Metta Traditional Thai Massage/Be Fit Personal Training (shared between those two.)
Additional thanks go to Winkie Campbell-Notar of the Albany Chamber of Commerce for facilitating our partnership with the businesses, the City of Albany for agreeing to install the racks at no charge, Dan Lieberman for going with me to photograph and take measurements of the rack locations and Ken McCroskey, who is designing decals with our and the businesses’ logos for the racks.
And thanks, of course, to Grizzly Peak Cyclists, whose generous donations to AS&R have allowed us to make purchases like this which benefit cyclists from all over the East Bay!

The Bike Bike Racks look similar to this rack

I was lucky enough to get a tour of the Dero facility where I saw our racks in their unpainted state

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