¡AS&R Designs First "Check for Bikes" Clings en Español!

Richmond Police Department ordered our first "Check for Bikes" clings in Spanish

Richmond Police Department ordered our first “Check for Bikes” clings in Spanish

AS&R is proud and excited to have designed and created the first “Check for Bikes” clings in Spanish. The forward-thinking organization to order them was Richmond Police Department, who contracted us to make clings in both English and Spanish!
It is wonderful to see the commitment RPD has to the safety of its entire community by distributing customized “Check for Bikes” clings in both languages at local events. We hope other organizations follow RPD’s example.
More and more businesses have recently asked to carry AS&R’s “Check for Bikes” clings, designed to remind drivers to look twice and look again for cyclists on the road before opening their door or making any turns.

A Cling placed in a driver's windshield will help remind him/her to look for bikes!

A Cling placed in a driver’s windshield will help remind him/her to look for bikes!

We really appreciate these local businesses/organizations who distribute

our clings to their customers and clients, showing a clear connection to their communities and concern for the safety of cyclists: Prins ChiropracticAlbany Mechanics Bank, Bay Area KinderstubeSalon 1757Dana Meyer Auto Care,  Blue Heron BikesWheels of Justice Albany,  Marie Bowser AcupunctureWhole Health ApothecaryIvy RoomT324Albany YMCASt. Alban’s Episcopal Church and Church by the Side of the Road.
Be sure to stop in, thank them and pick up some clings when you walk or ride by!
Kudos to AS&R members Francesco Papalia for coming up with this safety initiative three years ago and Tod Abbott of Almost Everything Communications for his excellent design work. Thanks also to Oakland small business Golden Gate Print & CfB-ASRJune2013Media Services for its timely and detail-oriented service.
Know any other organizations or businesses who would be interested in distributing clings to their members, customers or clients? For as little as $5, they can connect with their community and help cyclists like you ride more safely.
Go to www.CheckForBikes.org or contact Amy Smolens with any questions or ideas.

2 comments to ¡AS&R Designs First “Check for Bikes” Clings en Español!

  • Len Conly

    “Check for Bikes” Clings are a great idea! And I have to confess I’d never heard of a “cling” before, so I’ve learned two new things :)

  • Amy Smolens

    Thanks, Len! I’ve had really good luck talking with drivers who have done inadvertently careless things – opening doors, pulling into that rare parking spot on Solano, turning right across the bike lanes on Marin, turning right from Masonic onto Marin or Solano across a straight-proceeding cyclist on the Greenway, etc. Instead of shaking my fist at them or yelling, I stop, talk to them about what happened and tell them that this is why we invented these clings (not stickers, they can be moved around and leave no gluey residue.) I explain the clings and watch them put them on their windshield…Then they see the image when they are about to make a move and check for cyclists. I actually had a situation in which a driver cut me off pulling into a parking space on Solano. I talked to him and his wife, they put two clings on their windshield.. Flash forward 4 days and I was riding on Buchanan and heard a friendly honk. The same man was on Pierce, waved and shouted “I’m checking for bikes!” So it does work! I always have a handful with me.
    Len and others, please pick them up at the businesses listed or from me! Spread the word and help us all stay safe!

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