Another Successful Solano Stroll!

AS&R’s Bicycle Valet Parking lot, sponsored by Bua Luang.
photo courtesy Mike Gill

AS&R’s 4th year providing free Bicycle Valet Parking at the Solano Stroll was a great success!
The Valet Parking Crew parked 183 bikes and the operation seemed like smooth sailing the entire day. Bonus: no bikes left over at the end, as the last woman came and picked up bike #164 just as we were finishing packing up our stuff!
We spoke to a lot of visitors, both cyclists and peds. People came to us with various questions (what does AS&R do? why does the signal at Jackson and Buchanan not sense cyclists? what should I do when I’m driving to the left of a bike lane and want to make a right turn? how does the bike lane between the right lane and the through lane work? among others) We sold a bunch of clings to cyclists and non-cyclists alike, sold some rear lights and gave away front lights, too. We signed up some new members and welcome the new input and ideas. My personal bonus was seeing the smiles on peoples’ faces when I asked them if they’d seen the new Bike Bike Racks.
McGill Hort brought his extremely cool “Surrey Bicycle,” which proved to be a great attractor, conversation piece and photo op (hope to see some of those photos!)
All the volunteers got a coupon for a delicious Bua Luang lunch and drink from their Stroll booth.
We sang along to the tunes of the boy band to the west and the psychedelic oldies band to the east.
Thanks to Ken McCroskey, Zack Mensinger, Sherie Reineman, Sylvia Paull, Nora Daley-Peng, Heather Cunningham, Angela Armendariz, Mac McCurdy, Preston Jordan, Tenisha Neal, Susan Moffat, Jonathan Walden, Anne Malamud and Alisha Saville for all their hard work on our very successful Solano Stroll presence!
Last but certainly not least, thanks to Pat from Bua Luang and Tay Tah for her ongoing sponsorship and support!  We couldn’t do what we do without the support of local businesses like yours.

Go here for lots of pics of the Stroll taken by Sherie Reineman.

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