Albany Strollers & Rollers wants YOUR IDEAS!

Albany Strollers & Rollers (AS&R) is pleased to have had a number of recent successes such as:

  • Successfully advocated for the new cycletrack in front of the UC Village development (Sprouts, additional retail, and senior housing)
  • 8 new “Bike Bike Racks” and one “Air Kit” bicycle pump around the city in the past year, for a total of 56 Bike Bike Racks and two Air Kits
  • Passage of the sidewalk tax to fund badly needed sidewalk repair
  • Pledged $1,000 to help fund the Public Parklet on Lower Solano Avenue
  • Pledged $1,000 to fully fund new bike racks at Albany High School
  • Successfully advocated for and managed safe and well located bike racks at Safeway and UC Village development

We have 56 of these Bike Bike Racks around town! What’s next?? YOU DECIDE!!

Now we are wondering what our next priorities should be. And so we turn to YOU – what are your new burning ideas? What do you want to see done? What problems have you seen biking and walking to work, the store, or to school? We can support you in getting things done – for yourselves, your neighbors, and your children! Come out and talk to us at our next General Meeting on Sunday July 16, 4-6pm at St. Alban’s.



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