Thanks for Another Terrific Bike to Work Day - Bike Month Rolls On!

Despite chilly temps, thanks to YOU, Albany Strollers & Rollers had a super successful Bike to Work Day!

Natalie took this great pic of some of AS&R’s volunteers at our Bike to Work Day information table!

Thanks to Rob from Blue Heron and Winston from Berkeley Bikes & Skateboards for being there to make sure everyone can ride safely

The previous week, Ginny, Ken, Sarah, Ruth and I stuffed many of Bike East Bay’s 2300 musette bags full of swag – bike lights, information, discount cards, Check for Bikes clings, snacks –  for the upcoming Bike to Work Day…without those great bags, this annual event wouldn’t have the cachet that it has!

On May 9th, the 25th annual Bike to Work Day was another rousing success. More than 600 cyclists went by while we were at our Albany Energizer Station. 300 picked up those awesome musette bags and hundreds more stopped by to eat, drink, get their bike checked or chat about bike stuff!
I’d to thank Ken M, Jane L, Britt T, Tish B, Julie W-L, Mike G, Ginny P, 2 Nick Ps, Margo W, Peggy M, Anni T, John A, Samantha H, Rodney P, Bike East Bay’s Sarah P, Lucinda Y & Rafael R, and “the Backroads Bunch” of Maribeth H & Stacy L for staffing the station, setting things up, distributing swag & snacks, counting cyclists,  talking to commuters, signing up new members, and just keeping things running!

Every day is Bike to School Day! photo courtesy Ginny Porter

Elizabeth V got the ball rolling in March, recruiting lots of volunteers for both events, and Ken picked it up in the weeks before to organize our Energizer Station.
Without YOU, the volunteers, this absolutely could not happen!
Ken, Ginny, Mike, Britt and I took some pix, as did brand new AS&R Natalie T on her way to work! It was so busy that we didn’t capture the crowds or energy, so if you took pix, please email them to me !

Cyclists in training. photo courtesy Mike Gill

There was plenty of food and drink for everyone, thanks to the generous donations by local businesses Kim’s Cafe  (Cathy,) Trader Joe’s El Cerrito (Dao & Clive,)  Semifreddi’s (Elena & Ken,) GU Energy (Rebecca & Germán,) Sprouts (Melissa & Mario,) Safeway Albany (Cherise) & Safeway Community Market
(John & Susana.) Our volunteer super-shopper Mattison L again did the shopping at both Safeways & Sprouts, and delivered the food on her Xtracycle at 6:30am!!
Rob from Blue Heron Bikes and Winston from Berkeley Bikes & Skateboards volunteered their time, checking your bicycles for safety and road-worthiness as they have in previous years!
Dan L picked up the BtWD posters in Oakland and Nick Peterson & Tim D put them up in strategic, visible locations.

Plenty of food and drink for everyone! photo courtesy Amy

Liam & Brennen with the Albany Recreation Department loaned us tables (how could we have all that food without tables?) and green bins.
Don’t forget, Bike Month rolls on:
Bike About Town family fun rides begin this Friday, May 17th so please join your fellow rollers, Liam and Brennen from the City of Albany Recreation Department.
Don’t forget Pints With Purpose at Wildcard Brewing on Saturday May 25th, where $1 from every pint or flight will help fund the awesome Bike Bike Rack at the business.
I want to give extra recognition to businesses and owners  FERN’S GARDEN (Fern, obviously,) TAY TAH (Pat) and BikeLink (Jake) for donating special gift cards or coupons for all of our Bike Month Volunteers as a thank you for your time and service to the community!!! Bradley Blackshire donated beverage dispensers, trays and tongs for our ongoing use at all events.

Here’s to another great Bike to Work Day!

We all truly appreciate those small businesses, as well as our other supporters (see description of BtWD and list in the right margin of our website) for going the extra mile to give back to AS&R’s volunteers and show that they are really involved with our community!

It’s a dog’s life! photo courtesy Mike G


Volunteers like you are the key to success! photo courtesy Britt Tanner


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