Flawed Gilman Overpass Update

As last reported, the Alameda County Transportation Commission’s (ACTC) grant application to fund construction of the active transportation overpass at Gilman it proposed was not funded. However at that time it had not been funded by the State. All unfunded applications are subsequently forwarded to the relevant regional transportation agency for consideration of funding from its portion of the available state active transportation money. In our area this agency would be the Metropolitan Transportation Commission (MTC). Fortunately, in late December MTC also declined to fund this proposed overpass.

This gives ACTC a chance, and hopefully the motivation, to actually engage with the community to design an overpass that works for everyone. As mentioned in the last post on this topic, a good model exists just a bit to the north. The following figure shows the old overpass of I-80 south of San Pablo Dam Road landing between the freeway and the frontage road on the east side, and the new overpass crossing both. AS&R just sent ACTC a letter pointing out that this overpass crosses both the freeway and frontage road as a result of engaging and listening to the community.

Information available on the web indicates this new overpass has been completed and is now open. If you have used this overpass, or happen to use it in the future, please leave a comment below describing your experience and thoughts.

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