Become an AS&R member and get discounts at local bike shops and businesses.

Berkeley Bikes and Skateboards: 15% off labor, parts and accessories.

Bikes on Solano: 10% off labor, parts and accessories.

Marie Bowser Acupuncture: 25% on all visits.

Blue Heron Bikes: 10% off parts and accessories.

Offers are valid to members of Albany Strollers & Rollers and their households. Tell your friends!
Contact us with questions.


Bike to School Day @ From home to school
May 10 @ 7:00 am – 9:00 am

What better way is there to get to school than to roll there?!

Join your classmates and ride your bike to school on “Bike to School Day!”

Join the fun!
Photo courtesy Amy Smolens

Each Albany school has activities and events planned so join the rolling party and have fun!

If you have any details re. events or plans at specific schools please leave them in the “comments” section here – thanks!

Bike to Work Day – Volunteers Needed! @ Albany Strollers & Rollers Energizer Station - Ohlone Greenway & Marin Avenue
May 11 @ 7:00 am – 9:00 am

Come join our annual rolling party, Bike to Work Day!
courtesy Nick Pilch

It’s the 23rd Annual Bike to Work Day in the Bay Area, a party on wheels!!

As usual, there will be coffee, snacks, swag, bike goodies, the famous Bike to Work Day musette bags, food, coffee, fun and lots of good conversation & information so come on down on your way to work!

Don’t miss rolling down to see all your friends and neighbors!
courtesy Nick Pilch

Great news – the staffs of Blue Heron Bikes and Berkeley Bikes & Skateboards will be there with work stations checking your bicycles for safety and road-worthiness as they have in previous years! Thanks to owners Rob Allen & Winston Jamison for spending time with us all! Blue Heron is also giving all Bike Month Volunteers a special coupon for helping out!!

Plenty of food and drink for everyone, but we could use people to pick it up!
courtesy Francesco Papalia

We need help at our Energizer Station beginning at 6:30 a.m. through wrap-up at 9:30, as well as preparing for a big celebration.

Donations so far from Kim’s Cafe and Royal Ground Coffee…stay tuned for more.

Can you help stuffing the musette bags with goodies on Friday from 10am-noon, picking up food & coffee early morning on the 11th, and handing out swag, food and counting cyclists all morning at the Energizer Station?
Want to help get donations of food, beverages or $ for food & bevs?  If so, please contact Ken McCroskey at or Amy Smolens at or leave a comment on this post.

For Elected & Appointed Officials, as well as City Staff, City Councilman Nick Pilch is leading a ride for you…details coming soon, and yes, it will finish at the Energizer Station so you can enjoy our swag, food and company!

Stuff to stuff!

Stuffing bags for everyone who rolls by is FUN!! If you can help, please email Ken at – thanks!

Public Meeting on Albany Bay Trail and Beach Restoration @ Albany City Hall Council Chambers
May 16 @ 6:30 pm – 7:30 pm

Help ensure that Albany’s segment of the Bay Trail will be completed, and safe & fun for all!

After a group of Albany residents, including fellow Strollers & Rollers, pointed out improvements that should be made to our Waterfront, there will be a chance to see the plans and give input on the Albany Bay Trail and beach project, officially known as the Albany Beach Restoration and Public Access Project.

This is perhaps the LAST SIGNIFICANT CHANCE for input before final approvals and construction. Thanks much to Councilmember Rochelle Nason for making this meeting happen and to AS&R member Susan Moffat for mobilizing the group a few weeks ago.
Let’s make sure that OUR Waterfront is optimized for people who want to bike, walk, stroll and roll. There is a lot of car parking, but not nearly as much attention paid to parking for bicycles.
Please feel free to share this information with people who may not be on the AS&R list to encourage broad community input.East Bay Regional Park District Staff (EBRPD) and City staff will present information regarding EBRPD beach/trail projects in Albany. The meeting will provide an opportunity for community members to comment on the EBRPD beach/trail projects.
Note: a quorum of the City Council and/or an advisory body to the City Council may be present at this public meeting.
Here is the site plan
And the existing conditions map
And the complete packet from the most recent public meeting (April 17), which was at the San Francisco Bay Conservation and Development Commission Design Review Board. This packet has cross-sections and more detailed plans and a staff report.
Albany resident and landscape architect Hugo Larman drafted this updated plan  based on community input, which expands the beach area, adds bike racks and moves car parking near existing parking.
EIR and other info from EBRPD (scroll down to where is says “Albany Beach Habitat Restoration and Public Access Project.”)

These racks that AS&R bought are perfectly situated for folks who want to enjoy the beach, a hike or just enjoy the beautiful view, but they are lonely! We need more “there” at the Waterfront, and more bike racks near other destinations.

AS&R member Dan Johnson prepared comments and alternative plans . After further discussion, Dan & others believe that the location for parking might not be feasible. However his diagram about the amount of paving is relevant.

While not a part of EBRPD’s plan, the Albany Waterfront Committee’s Cove Enhancement Plan should be completed by the City of Albany and taken into account by EBRPD for a comprehensive plan at the entire waterfront. The only reason it was not completed in 2012 was because EBRPD requested the City hold off because of upcoming construction. That reason is long past.

In response to recent community comments, the designers are making efforts to reduce the large amount of pavement for the vehicle driveway and turnaround to leave more open space for recreation at the south end of the site. However, a number of us believe that it would be more functional and would preserve more open space (as well as reduce bicycle-pedestrian conflicts) to locate the parking near the existing parking, on the north side of Buchanan St., which would eliminate the need for the long driveway. However, this area is City-owned and outside the EBRPD project area.

Bike About Town Family Rides @ Bikes On Solano
May 19 @ 6:30 pm – 8:30 pm

Join the fun!
Photo courtesy Amy Smolens

Grab your bikes and invite your friends & family – it’s time for the annual Bike About Town rides!

The Albany Peloton rolls down Peralta Avenue for another fun Bike About Town
Photo courtesy Amy Smolens

Join the City of Albany’s Department of Recreation and a bunch of your fellow Rollers as we explore Albany by bike on Spring, Summer and Autumn evenings. Each of the events will trace different routes that pass through parts of Albany you may not have biked before. All levels of cyclists are encouraged to join.
The ride begins at 6:30 at Bikes on Solano at Solano and Peralta in Albany.
We ALWAYS need Ride Guides to help guide folks around town from the front, middle and back so if you’re a confident rider please come 10 minutes early and help your neighbors out!
Come a few minutes early to pump up your tires. Ride maps are distributed, and we take off in a big group. There are experienced cyclists to lead and bring up the rear. After wheeling about for a half hour or forty-five minutes we return to Peralta Park, just across the street from our start, for light refreshments, a raffle, and general carousing.
Dates this year are Fridays May 19,  June 16, July 21, August 18 and September 15th.

Bring yourself, your friends and your family to Bikes on Solano for the Bike About Town rides!

APAL Bike Rodeo – BRING YOUR KIDS, A FEW VOLUNTEERS NEEDED! @ Cornell School Playground
May 20 @ 10:00 am – 1:00 pm

School kids learn how to cycle safely and have fun doing it, while following the rules of the road.
courtesy Peggy McQuaid

Bring your elementary and middle school aged kids to Albany Police Activity League’s Annual Bike Rodeo!

Free bicycle helmets will be given to the first 100 youth participants.

Ken McCroskey, AS&R’s master helmet adjuster and children’s brain guardian, tirelessly applies his craft
courtesy: Francesco Papalia

Rodeo activities will include bike inspections, safety information, and a bicycle safety course.
The goal of the bicycle rodeo is to encourage riders to wear helmets on every ride, to give young cyclists basic skills for on-road riding, and to teach them the rules of the road to help keep them safe. This event focuses on young riders in elementary and middle school.

Bicycle + fruit + blender = delicious fun!! Want to help like Tenisha is doing here? Email Ken!
Photo courtesy Amy Smolens

Cycles of Change and some AS&R members will again be working with kids, showing them how to ride their bikes safely and responsibly.
We’ll also have our  “Check for Bikes” clings on hand for parents, our Reflective Leg & Arm Bands …and the famous Bicycle Blender so everyone can pedal-power a delicious smoothie!
PLEASE VOLUNTEER: We could definitely use some help running the bike blender station, fitting helmets, and talking to parents & kids about biking and AS&R. Any takers, please? Volunteers get a cash-value coupon from one of our favorite local supporting businesses, Blue Heron Bikes! Want to help out? Please contact Ken McCroskey.

Kids, don’t try this at home…just yet!

Entertainment will be provided by world-famous flatland BMX rider Pete Brandt!

AS&R Meeting – You’re Invited!
May 21 @ 4:00 pm – 6:00 pm

Have a gripe, an idea or some input about anything that would further cycling and pedestrian conditions here in Albany?
Then join us at our next meeting (every other month – odd-numbered months) where we discuss policy and projects, and talk about what’s going on in Active Transportation in Albany.

The racks at St. Alban's Church have gotten plenty of use already!

Plenty of bike parking at our meeting location, St. Alban’s Church!

Have something you want to talk about? Request an Agenda Item in “comments” (scroll down to the bottom for the next meeting.

Look forward to seeing you!

Traffic & Safety Commission Meeting @ Council Chambers, City Hall
May 25 @ 7:00 pm – 10:30 pm

The monthly Traffic & Safety Commission Meeting, the Fourth Thursday of every month, is a great place to make your ideas known, find out about the transportation issues and projects in Albany, and help improve things for cyclists and pedestrians in and around our town.

The agenda will be posted on the City website here.
Come on down!

Bike-In Movie – “Cool Runnings” @ Albany Community Center
May 26 @ 6:30 pm – 8:30 pm

Join your friends and neighbors for a free “bike-in” showing of the family film “Cool Runnings!”

The City of Albany’s Recreation Department is getting into the spirit of Bike Month with a Bike in Movie!
They will be showing ‘Cool Runnings,’ a film sure to spark your quest for the ultimate ride. Ride your bike on down to the Albany Community Center and join us for this fabulous Bike Month event! There will have plenty of space to park your bike in a protected area, complete with a massive bike rack.

The popcorn is free and will be flowing freely! This film is PG. Special thanks to 5 Little Monkeys for co-sponsoring this bike-tacular event.

Urban Cycling 101 Classroom Workshop @ Barrows Hall, UC Berkeley
Jun 3 @ 1:00 pm – 3:00 pm
Learn to bike safely and confidently with this FREE class!

Learn to bike safely and confidently with this FREE class!

Want to ride more but don’t feel confident enough?

Here’s a FREE bicycle skills class, courtesy of Bike East Bay (with support from the UC Berkeley Police Department.)

Learn basic rules of the road, how to share the road with cars on busy streets, how to equip your bicycle, lock your bike, fit your helmet, and avoid crashes by riding predictably, visibly, and communicating with other road users by your actions and signals. Every workshop has the same content so you only need to attend once. For adults and teens, no bike needed.

Please note: All of Bike East Bay’s UC Berkeley classes are open to the public, but are also part of the BEST (Bicycle Education Safety Training) program allowing ticketed cyclists to have their fines reduced.

Class is FREE but please register here.

Community Meeting on Kains/Adams Bicycle Boulevards @ Albany City Hall
Jun 15 @ 6:30 pm – 8:00 pm

Live on Kains or Adams?
Go to the YMCA?
Do you and your family want to AVOID bicycling on San Pablo Avenue?
Then you’ll be interested in this opportunity for public input on the Kains and Adams Bicycle Boulevards!
I’m sure many of you have ridden the Bicycle Boulevards in Berkeley and seen how more comfortable it is to ride Milvia instead of MLK or Shattuck, Russell instead of Ashby, and 9th instead of San Pablo.
If not, here is info on Berkeley’s Bicycle Boulevard system.
Now imagine if people could avoid San Pablo until a half-block from their destination by riding Kains and Adams
More information is below and a link to the site walk on June 24th is here.

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