AS&R Meeting – You’re Invited!

March 19, 2017 @ 4:00 pm – 6:00 pm
St Alban's Episcopal Church
1501 Washington Avenue, Albany, CA 94706
Ken McCroskey

Have a gripe, an idea or some input about anything that would further cycling and pedestrian conditions here in Albany?
Then join us at our next meeting (every other month – odd-numbered months) where we discuss policy and projects, and talk about what’s going on in Active Transportation in Albany.

The racks at St. Alban's Church have gotten plenty of use already!

Plenty of bike parking at our meeting location, St. Alban’s Church!

Have something you want to talk about? Request an Agenda Item in “comments” (scroll down to the bottom for the next meeting.

Look forward to seeing you!

21 comments to AS&R Meeting – You’re Invited!

  • Angela

    Bike About Town updates

  • Amy Smolens

    Suggested agenda items:
    Treasurer’s report
    Lights update with Walk & Roll to School Day approaching Oct 3
    Ohlone Greenway Petition report (Zack?)
    Waterfront Racks/Grant update (Susan M or John A)
    Who’s going to keep the website updated and add events?

  • Ken McCroskey

    Will AS&R step up involvement and control of the Arts & Green Festival?

  • Amy Smolens

    November meeting:
    -updating website, including calendar
    -update of Complete Streets process, including AS&R focus group (Harry) – do two more people want to joint me in Focus Group? Thanks.
    -Update calendar w/ Nov and Dec T&S and AS&R meetings. Thanks.
    -did 25 rear lights slated for Middle School get installed? If not, when is this happening or can we get them back to install ourselves? (Ken)

  • Nick Pilch

    -free tools for 501(c)3 – Vertical Resopnse, Salesforce

  • Harry Chomsky

    Some items I’d like to put on the agenda:

    – Complete Streets: Does AS&R have any positions that I should advocate at the meeting on 1/28? In particular, what are our collective opinions about the various bike-lane options for San Pablo?

    – Marin / San Pablo: I have proposals from the applicants; I will report my opinions and share the documents with the group.

    – California WALKS petitions: Vote on whether to add our organization’s signature to their two current petitions.

  • Ken McCroskey

    Bring your bike to help test a new bike rack style!

    – decide on level of support for the May 19 Arts & Green Festival, at $250-500
    – explore buying a set of new bike racks for events at $80/ rack, each rack holds 8-10 bikes, we would need 10-15 racks

  • Amy Smolens

    Role of Facebook to disseminate more information and news. How to invite more Fb followers so it can be more effective?

  • Amy Smolens

    March 2013: Where is Nick in getting donations for BtWD? How many people does he have helping him out?

  • Amy Smolens

    July 2013:
    *Facebook Admin situation?
    *Who will coordinate tabling and table volunteers at Sept 8 Solano Stroll?

  • Amy Smolens

    September 2013
    *EBBC – working together for mutual benefit?
    *Buchanan Path update (Preston)

  • Amy Smolens

    March 16 location – 834 Cornell Avenue
    Requested agenda items:

    Health Fair update (Ken)
    Bike to Work Day update (Nick)
    Arts & Green Festival update (Ken)
    Masonic/Solano Collision discussion (Amy)
    Bike to School Day, Bike About Town, other event updates?
    New Clings orders (Amy)
    Half-sheet to Proofread (Ken)

  • Amy Smolens

    March 2016 suggested agenda items
    Bike to Work Day
    Bike Rodeo
    Solano Stroll Bicycle Valet Parking
    Idaho Stop Law

  • Ken McCroskey

    More March 2016 suggested agenda items
    High School Bike Parking
    Arts & Green Festival

  • amy smolens

    May 21, 2017
    Bike Month wrap (Ken, Amy, Sylvia)
    Public Works (Amy & Preston)
    Bike Bike Rack update (Amy & Ken)
    Membership update through the Bike Rodeo
    Stroll Sponsorship
    EBRPD Bay Trail project/Waterfront

  • R. Konoff

    I am unable to attend the meeting, but do have some concerns/requests about the intersection of Marin and Peralta.
    1. Waiting to turn left off of Peralta onto Marin, there is no bike sensor. The light doesn’t seem to change from red to green until a car arrives, or a pedestrian pushes the walk button.

    2. Riding east-bound on Marin, the lanes shift somewhat, so cars tend to edge into the bike lane at the east side of the intersection. Adding a dashed-line lane marker (like at Curtis) might be helpful.

  • Ken McCroskey

    Dear R. Konoff-

    As a member of the appointed Traffic and Safety Commission, I’d like to invite you to attend this Thursday’s Commission meeting for May. Alternatively, you could write an email to the Commission in care of our staff support person, Aleida Andrino Chavez, Transportation Planner, at

    You could also gather support for this idea in AS&R outside of our meeting by posting to the Discussion List.

    Thanks for your ideas,


  • Amy Smolens

    July 2017:
    Public Works
    Bike Racks
    AHS racks update (Amy)
    Solano Stroll update (Sylvia)

  • Amy Smolens

    Agenda item suggestions for November 2017

    Kains/Adams Bike Boulevard projects
    Greenway/Masonic/Solano plaza opening Tuesday 5 pm
    Solano Ave Complete Streets (project and site walk after Plaza opening

  • Veta Anglin

    There is definately a great deal to find out about this topic. I like all the points you’ve made.

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