Standing Room Only at AS&R’s 2018 Bike to Work Day Energizer Station! Help us make it happen again!
courtesy Francesco Papalia

If you have enjoyed volunteering at or stopping by AS&R’s BIKE TO WORK DAY ENERGIZER STATION, here’s your chance to make sure it happens in 2020. Soon advocates throughout the Bay Area will be gearing up for Bike to Work Day (BtWD) postponed from its usual date in May to September 24th. Every year for many many years now (almost since BtWD began), Albany has had a successful and well-attended Bike to Work Day Energizer Station on the Ohlone Greenway in the morning. It’s always a thrill to see the community getting together and celebrating the use of pedal power as a way to get to work, or school, or wherever you’re going.

Natalie took this great pic of some of AS&R’s volunteers at our Bike to Work Day information table! It’s people like you who make this event a success!

Albany Strollers & Rollers is in need of an organizer or two for this year. As an organizer (or pair of you,) you would be in charge of being a liaison with Bike East Bay, who coordinates efforts in the area. You would also organize efforts of the day of. Finally, solicitations of donations, volunteers and local publicity are part of this effort, but you would have A LOT of help in that area. A number of us can answer any questions and help out with these things, as well as provide a large list of previous volunteers. We just need a main coordinator. Your help would go a long way towards advancing active transportation in Albany!

Cyclists in training. photo courtesy Mike Gill

If we don’t have a coordinator, we’ll have to skip the event this year. Now you don’t want that, do you?

Please reach out to contactus@albanystrollroll.org if you have any questions or interest at all, and we thank you so much for considering!

Every day is Bike to School Day! photo courtesy Ginny Porter

Yup, we even had a dog stop by for treats!
courtesy Mike Gill

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