Donate to AS&R, Help Albany and Get a Tax Deduction!

56 of these attractive and useful “Bike Bike Racks” around town and counting!!
And YOU can help us get more!

Previous donations by AS&R members Cyndi, Tom, Karen, Christiane, Britt, Bryce, Lynn Eve, Catherine, James, Len and David helped fund those great Bike Bike Racks, AirKit public pumps and bike racks at the High School and Middle School that you and your family are using now!
Do you like the Bike Bike Racks around town and want more? Do your kids ride to school and use the racks we

AS&R funded these bike racks at the High School and they get constant use! Want more – consider donating!

funded at AMS and AHS? Are you thinking there are other ways Albany Strollers & Rollers (AS&R) could spend money to make cycling and walking safer and more enjoyable if AS&R were a bit better funded?
Well, here’s an easy way to help on This Site, while getting tax benefits as well. If you and/or your employer donate money to AS&R via our fiscal sponsor, Bike East Bay, it will go to important projects in Albany such as more bicycle parking where you and your neighbors needed it or more bike valet parking racks at local events. And yes, you and/or your employer will get a tax write-off if you make the donation through our fiscal sponsor by the end of the year!

Thanks in part to your donations, AS&R bought and installed this public pump on the corner of Solano & Santa Fe!

The best way to do this is to write a check made out to “Bike East Bay for Albany Strollers & Rollers” and send to Harry Chomsky, Treasurer, Albany Strollers & Rollers, 1127 Curtis St, Albany, CA  94706. More questions? Email Amy Smolens at or Harry Chomsky at and we’ll get you going. And soon you’ll see the fruits of your donations right here in Albany!

Busy busy busy! Our Bicycle Valet Parking service is so popular we could use more of these bike valet racks!
And YOU can help!

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