CIP, paint and signs update

City staff informed Strollers & Rollers about an hour ago that it will be recommending continuing the Capital Improvement Plan (CIP) adoption to the September 4th Council meeting.  It would be surprising if the Council did not concur with this recommendation, so there will likely be no decision on the CIP tonight.

Staff noted the continuation would allow time to explore possibilities for the comments raised about implementing the paint-and-sign portions of the cycling routes defined in the Active Transportation Plan. While the framing of the message from staff suggests there are other reasons for recommending a continuance, it would be a surprise if AS&R’s desire to have the CIP address the paint-and-sign infrastructure did not at least partially motivate this decision.

Thank you to all the members that wrote messages to the City Council and staff regarding this issue.  AS&R looks forward to working with the City to develop a plan for getting this most cost-effective infrastructure in place.



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