Blue Heron Bikes Distributing our “Check for Bikes” clings

A "check for bikes" cling in the upper windshield

A “check for bikes” cling in the upper windshield

Yesterday Rob Allen of the new shop Blue Heron Bikes bought some of our “Check for Bikes” clings to pass on to his customers! Check out his shop – it specializes in commuting and cargo bikes, and is conveniently located just off the Ohlone Greenway on Gilman.
It’s really important to get the clings into everyone’s vehicles, not just those of cyclists – so when you go there, please pick them up to pass on to friends, family members and other motorists. I’ve had 100% positive reactions from motorists I’ve given these to after any sort of close call on the road.
We’re grateful to the local establishments who care enough about bicycle safety to distribute our clings: Blue Heron, Wheels of Justice,  St. Alban’s Episcopal Church, Dana Meyer Auto Care, Whole Health Apothecary and Marie Bowser Acupuncture. Thanks for being a part of our community!
If any of you have ideas of other ways to distribute these simple, friendly and inexpensive items that help make the roads safer, contact me through or here. Thanks!

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