Bike Month is Coming - thanks to many businesses for generous donations!!

With a busy Bike Month almost upon us, I (Amy) have been contacting many local and regional businesses requesting donations for our events such as Bike to Work Day and the APAL Bike Rodeo. I’m thrilled to report that we got a lot of generous donations from businesses both new and old, local and regional!

Pat, who runs Tay Tah and Bua Luang, has always been supportive of AS&R – bike on down to Tay Tah during May and get Buy One Get One Free Boba drink!

Pat, who owns Bua Luang Thai Cuisine and Tay Tah Cafe  , has supported AS&R for years with lunches and coupons for our event volunteers. She again will be giving us discount coupons for me to pass on to volunteers for our Bike Month events.

Fern donated gift cards for AS&R’s volunteers so check out her shop’s cool bike section!

Fern Solomon of Fern’s Garden gave us some gift cards for hard-working volunteers…and Rob from Blue Heron Bikes will also give surprise gifts to those who help AS&R out during Bike Month!


Thanks, Mike, for donating pastries for our Energizer Station again!

Since 600+ hungry & thirsty cyclists will pass through our Energizer Station, we need LOTS of food and drink! Cathy from Kim’s Cafe (drinks!),  Mike from Royal Ground (pastries!) ,

The Mango Mint Iced Tea from Kim’s Cafe is always a hit

Dao from Trader Joe’s El Cerrito (groceries and cups!) and Alexandra from Barney Butter have all pledged AS&R product donations to help make our Energizer Station the place to be on the morning of May 10th. Semifreddi’s is donating freshly baked bread for all of you/us, too, and GU Energy is giving us gels to power our rides!!! Our local Safeway  and Sprouts are donating groceries so we’ll have enough for everyone who comes by.
Contact Ken McCroskey at or Amy Smolens at or leave a comment on this post – THANKS TO ALL!


We appreciate Dao donating groceries from Trader Joe’s for our Energizer Station

Winston is the intrepid sole proprietor of Berkeley Bikes & Skateboards

…and we can always count on Rob’s generosity!

Winston from Berkeley Bikes & Skateboards and Rob from Blue Heron will both be on hand to give safety checks to everyone who rolls by.

Thanks to Michael, the manager of the new Mexican restaurant Cantina Del Sol, for offering anyone who bikes there the entire month of May, Bike Month, a 15% discount off any purchase!
Tay Tah Cafe is offering Buy One Tapioca Drink (Boba) Get One Free if you bike there during May!!

Got almond butter? We’ll have plenty of Barney Butter at our Bike to Work Day Energizer Station so stop by!!

Ride on down to Cantina Del Sol during Bike Month for 15% off any purchase!!

Fresh Semifreddi’s bread, coming your way!!

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