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5:00 pm AS&R Happy Hour Meeting – eat, d... @ Everest Kitchen
AS&R Happy Hour Meeting – eat, d... @ Everest Kitchen
Apr 25 @ 5:00 pm – 7:00 pm
AS&R Happy Hour Meeting - eat, drink & problem-solve!! @ Everest Kitchen | Albany | California | United States
Come and talk about walking and cycling in Albany, while eating delicious Nepali & Indian food! All are invited. Got a gripe, question or idea that would make cycling or walking better? Hungry or thirsty?[...]
7:00 pm Traffic & Safety Commission Meeting @ Council Chambers, City Hall
Traffic & Safety Commission Meeting @ Council Chambers, City Hall
Apr 25 @ 7:00 pm – 10:30 pm
The monthly Traffic & Safety Commission Meeting, the Fourth Thursday of every month, is a great place to make your ideas known, find out about the transportation issues and projects in Albany, and help improve[...]
9:00 am Musette Bag Stuffing for Bike to... @ Sports Basement
Musette Bag Stuffing for Bike to... @ Sports Basement
May 2 @ 9:00 am – 11:00 am
Musette Bag Stuffing for Bike to Work Day 2019 @ Sports Basement
You’ve enjoyed picking up the famous Bike to Work Day musette bags, chock full of swag & snacks. Help stuff those musette bags for our Energizer Station so hundreds of your friends, neighbors and passers-by can[...]
8:30 am El Cerrito Trail Trekkers’ 6th A... @ various (check schedule and map)
El Cerrito Trail Trekkers’ 6th A... @ various (check schedule and map)
May 4 @ 8:30 am – 8:30 pm
The sixth annual Hillside Festival will feature a wide variety of activities, with events throughout the 100-acre Hillside Natural Area: nature hikes for young people; a geological hike and shorter geological stroll; the Dog Scouts;[...]
1:00 pm Urban Cycling 101 Classroom Work... @ Barrows Hall, UC Berkeley
Urban Cycling 101 Classroom Work... @ Barrows Hall, UC Berkeley
May 4 @ 1:00 pm – 3:00 pm
Urban Cycling 101 Classroom Workshop @ Barrows Hall, UC Berkeley | Berkeley | California | United States
Want to ride more but don’t feel confident enough? Know anyone else who fits this description (partner, spouse, parent, teenage or older child?) Here’s a FREE bicycle skills class, courtesy of Bike East Bay (with support from[...]
8:30 am El Cerrito Trail Trekkers’ 6th A... @ various (check schedule and map)
El Cerrito Trail Trekkers’ 6th A... @ various (check schedule and map)
May 5 @ 8:30 am – 8:30 pm
The sixth annual Hillside Festival will feature a wide variety of activities, with events throughout the 100-acre Hillside Natural Area: nature hikes for young people; a geological hike and shorter geological stroll; the Dog Scouts;[...]
6:30 am Bike to Work Day – Volunteers Ne... @ Energizer Station
Bike to Work Day – Volunteers Ne... @ Energizer Station
May 9 @ 6:30 am – 9:30 am
Bike to Work Day – Volunteers Needed! @ Energizer Station
Join us for the 26th Annual Bike to Work Day in the Bay Area, a party on wheels!! As usual, there will be coffee, food, swag, bike goodies in Bike East Bay’s famous Bike to[...]
7:00 pm AS&R Meeting – You’re Invited!
AS&R Meeting – You’re Invited!
May 15 @ 7:00 pm – 9:00 pm
AS&R Meeting - You're Invited!
Have a gripe, an idea or some input about anything that would further cycling and pedestrian conditions here in Albany? Then join us at our next meeting (every other month – odd-numbered months) where we[...]


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January 20, 2013 - Meeting Minutes

AS&R 1/20/13
Attendees: Nick Pilch, Sherie Reineman, Harry Chomsky, Ken McCroskey-Wait, Amy Smolens, Preston Jordan, Sylvia Paull, Pete Maass, Jonathan Walden, Bryce Nesbitt (partial attendance).

The meeting was hosted by Nick Pilch at his home in Albany and called to order at 4:10 p.m.



x 0. Treasurer’s report
x 1. – bike bike racks – 6 racks, 3 locations, total 12 now.
x 2. 6. – bike racks at the waterfront


What’s essential to talk about?

buchanan st. path
art and green fest
55% threshold

1. Presentation on the Buchanan Bikeway shared use path,
Phase I, from Pierce St. to San Pablo Ave.
x 2. Spring activities
x 3. – bike to work day (May 9)
x 4. – art and green festival (May 19)- decide on level
of support for the May 19 Arts & Green Festival, at $250-500
x 5. Ongoing projects including
x 8. – purchase of portable bike racks for events
– 9. – purchase of a cargo trailer for AS&R use and renting out
x 11. Complete Streets: Does AS&R have any positions that Harry Chomsky should advocate at the meeting on 1/28? In particular, what are our collective opinions about the various bike-lane options for San Pablo?
x 12. Marin / San Pablo: I have proposals from the
applicants; I will report my opinions and share the documents with
the group.
x 13. California WALKS petitions: Vote on whether to add
our organization’s signature to their two current petitions.
x 14. Bring your bike to help test a new bike rack style!
x 15. – explore buying a set of new bike racks for events
at $80/ rack, each rack holds 8-10 bikes, we would need 10-15 racks
– 16. Role of Facebook to disseminate more information and
news. How to invite more Fb followers so it can be more effective?
17. Threshold of transportation measures – 55%?

1. Presentation on Buchanan Bikeway shared use path, Phase I (From Pierce St to San Pablo Ave)
2. Spring activities
– Bike To Work Day (May 9)
Arts & Green Festival (May 19 _ decide on level of support for the May 19 Arts & Green Festival (at $250-500)
5. Ongoing projects including
– bike racks at the waterfront: bought, locations still being worked out somewhat (in shape of arc; Ken confirmed the proposed sites are not in path of EBRP path plans for access by maintenance vehicles, etc.)
– bike bike racks: 6 installed (these are in addition to the previously installed 6 bike bike racks). Locations of new Bike Bike Racks are two each at Wheels of Justice Cyclery (1554 Solano Ave) Grazzy Burgers/Albany Pub (coming soon to 745/747 San Pablo Ave) and St. Alban’s Church (1501 Washington.).
Ken McCroskey designed decals for rack “saddles” that local business Design-A-Sign produced at both excellent price and quality.

Preston volunteered to write article for Patch, get photos (Amy suggests props to Mark Matherly, the City of Albany Public Works employee who has been instrumental in bike rack installation).

Bank balance $4,048.
Outstanding expenses: uncashed check($2900): Dero (bike racks); additionally, Ken reports some minor expenses:
– Design-a-sign: $43 for decals (bike bike rack saddles)
– Copy Central: $29 for plan prints for meeting
Ken reports that Design-A-Sign gave us great deal, good quality, appreciates AS&R’s role in service to community.
Incoming checks: $900 from the city, $400 each from three rack locations.
Balance after the dust settles will be around $3,000.

Complete Streets: charette over. Harry reports there is a follow-up mtg in coming week (notice was just sent via email to Harry from Aleida).

– Buchanan?

San Pablo: Amy reports that in the charette sessions, the participating engineers mentioned z-shaped median configuration could be solution to redesign of San Pablo including bike lanes on both sides. The z-shaped bike/pedestrian crossing includes a diagonal safe shelter in median with access/exit crosswalks off-set across traffic lanes from the ends of the diagonal. Advantages include use of 4′ median but longer safe-harbor space to accommodate bicycles/trailers, and still leave room in traffic lanes for bike lane each direction on San Pablo Ave.

Marin/San Pablo:
Part II
west of San Pablo – construction has started (trees removed, etc). Ken reports he has already pointed out some errors in the drawings/plans (typos, misplacement of signage, etc), however the plans do seem to allow for a potential signal at Taylor to accommodate the USDA employees.

East of San Pablo:
select consultant: Harry representing AS&R for selection of consultant. due Friday (mtg/decision)
5 candidates: all seem to have good qualifications, experience.
standout: BKF. Nelson Nygaard & Michael Moule. better attention to detail specific to Albany and also to landscape considerations. Members present at this meeting were able to take consultants’ printed proposals home to review, return to Harry with comments about proposals

California Walks:
wants organizations & individuals to sign petitions.
does AS&R feel comfortable being named as supporting organization
does not address sidewalk maintenance issue…

New Aluminum Bike-Valet-Parking rack (2 racks given to AS&R to try by Greg McPheeters of “Moved By Bikes,” at the suggestion of John Ciccarelli.). Cost for purchase: $80/each; one rack accommodates 6-8 bikes, has rubber feet; Ken reports we currently we have about 6 galvanized pipe racks & 1 or 2 wooden racks and could make do for Arts&Green, however, Ken recommends purchase 5 before Arts & Green. Purchase was voted upon, approved and authorized and is in keeping with our community service mission, as well as our intentions of using donated funds (i.e., from GPC, Bua Luang).
Ken had brought a sample of the new/proposed bike rack (sample from manufacturer to promote trial and purchase) and had set up in Nick’s back yard, so we all got to see how it worked, set up and also ease of dismantling and storage. Design has several advantages over current racks: lightweight (aluminum), shorter storage size (about 5 ft), affordability, ease of transport. Additionally, with the purchase of these racks, AS&R could further the community service mission by loaning them out to other organizations for events. Ken will inquire to manufacturer regarding estimated life/durability of racks.
Bike-to-Work-Day: Nick volunteers to take lead. has seen email for kickoff mtg (Feb.1st, 3pm), will attend; Amy may also be able to attend. EBBC has new BtWD coordinator, Dave C no longer involved in BtWD.
AS&R Energizer Station: Change location back to Marin/Masonic (both sides of Ohlone Greenway now open again at Masonic), location is important for public visibility and also for service to University Village residents. Bryce Nisbett pointed out that large, simple banner “Bike to Work Day” visible to motorists on Marin Ave sends positive message about BtWD). Design-A-Sign is quick & reasonable. (Nick reports in past City has been sponsor for the AS&R Energizer Station, but historically their sponsorship has been limited to loaning 2 tables; Nick has asked City in past if sponsorship could include a banner and City declined; Nick will ask again about banner.
Arts & Green, May 19th (11-3): Sponsorship? Costs about $1K to put on. Arts committee has moved away from this event (artists booths were not seeing much revenue); Recreation committee also not participating. City still supports. Transition Albany has committed $250. Ken McKroskey proposed financial support by AS&R ($250-$500). The festival organizers include Tom Cooper (Sustainability Committee) leading, Dan Lieberman, Alexa (TA), Paul Rooney, and Ken. Last year, also Peter Goodman & Peggy McQuaid. Peter Goodman may be going to other festival (Albany Community Foundation, in coalition w/ school district is doing another festival). If AS&R sponsors, we get logo on poster.
Harry asked: how does our participation help our mission; Preston, Amy, Sylvia: lots of visibility and awareness, builds membership, bike parking (community service), bike tuneup (hookup), and opportunity to distribute bike-safety product giveaways and sales (lights, clings); Harry: double-donation? ($$ and service?). Decision: $250 as sponsorship. Amy will seek additional sponsor for the bike parking (Bua Luang?). That sponsor could either be to AS&R or directly to A&G. If SLC does bike tune-ups, then SLC logo will go on poster.

Peter Maass reports he could approach Rock-the-Bike folks, however Ken says the entertainment slate is pretty full (school music/performance groups).

Buchanan street path:
‘at Pierce, they have closed off Buchanan extension)
existing 100% plan has some errors, Ken has pointed out; Jeff Bond is suggested that T&S have more active role in reviewing/approving design/construction plans affecting traffic. Ken sez this project was being approved during the time; 2/3 contingency money to be used for change order at Buchanan/San Pablo.
T&S mtg, this Thursday (this is “for info only” but people can comment).

Preston took a casual poll on 55% vs 2/3 vote proposal for transportation tax.

Meeting adjourned at 6:30-ish p.m.

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